The Newest Products that could Disrupt the Cannabis Industry in 2019

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The world has watched the tremendous growth and investment in the Cannabis industry in 2018, partly fuelled by the major developments opening up space for new opportunities. Legalization in Canada for recreational marijuana use, continuous adoption of medical and recreational cannabis in more and more U.S. states and high-end achievements from industry leaders all contributed to the interest. While the cannabis market is expected to mature a lot in 2019, the biggest question is what products would drive the consumers to legal retail stores. Releasing new product lines would help new and existing cannabis businesses make some fortune in this year.


The large-scale cannabis product category likely to grow in 2019 is Edibles. When marijuana was legalized in Canada for recreational use for adults, there were no regulations for cannabis products like edibles that could be confused for non-cannabis options. The Government allowed a time of 1 year from the legalization in October 2018 to sort through the regulations of CBD Edibles. Meanwhile, the Canadian cannabis companies have started developing new cannabis edible products for retail sale and retailers are even selling products they are not allowed to distribute. A recently conducted survey revealed that a quarter of Canadians have received a free edible product in the month before. About 58 percent of consumers planned purchasing and using CBD Edibles as per a Deloitte survey. A rush in retail shops can be expected as edibles get legalized for sale in October 2019. It is expected that edibles itself can become a multi-million dollar industry in the coming years.


While the regulations by Health Canada warn that alcohol and cannabis should not be mixed, alcoholic beverage leaders are fast jumping into the Canadian Cannabis market. The group behind Modelo and Corona beers, Constellation Brands has partnered with Canopy Growth, the largest Canadian cannabis producer. Other companies have also matched up in recent times – Molson Coors has announced a partnership with Canadian producer HEXO. While these giants won’t be able to mix their brews with the psychoactive compounds of marijuana, we can expect THC-infused beverage products introduced as a subcategory of the CBD edibles. The products could include CBD-infused waters, juices or coffees. They would be marketed as health drinks aimed at decreasing inflammation and anxiety without creating the ‘high’ feeling as THC does.

CBD Products

CBD is everywhere. Vapes, creams, coffee, bath bombs, chocolate and even pet products contain CBD now, making it one of the biggest trends of 2019. CBD has been marketed as a product with a wide array of health benefits curing everything from insomnia to pain. We can expect a continuous proliferation of CBD products in the coming months. Skin and beauty care products are some of the most popular of these offerings. CBD has even made its way into the treatments developed in the medical cannabis industry. The first-ever FDA-approved marijuana-based drug uses CBD oil. Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to develop and test newer CBD-based drugs for the treatment of various ailments. Cannabis oils in the CBD to THC proportion of 1:1 are currently popular in Canada and once the formulation is legalized, these products will be highly sought-after.

The New Weed Knowledge for Canadian Entrepreneurs

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Canada is now looking forwards to the cannabis culture where recreational marijuana becomes fully legalized. The legalization of medical marijuana in Canada presents a lifetime of lucrative opportunities for the entrepreneurs. While the patients greatly benefit from the pass of the bill, as they can now legally purchase weeds from dispensaries, it has also opened new doors for entrepreneurs.

According to Deloitte, the research firm, the marijuana industry is worth $23 billon and this includes retail sales, security, transportation, taxes, edibles, and tourism. The entrepreneurs benefit not only from selling and exporting cannabis and its derivatives, but also the technology used in cultivating it. This could put the nation at the forefront of a flourishing global business.

The sale of weed already rakes in billions of dollars and the industry also creates thousands of jobs for the Canadians. The legalization of use of medical marijuana will hopefully eliminate the black market consisting of criminal organizations and illegal rackets. The cannabis culture in Canada will see a takeover by cooperate with people having degrees, expensive suits and corner offices.

The country is faced with the biggest challenge of turning a huge multi-million business that mostly operated outside law into a legal enterprise. The biggest and most daunting task for the Canadian entrepreneurs will be to clean the cannabis culture and draw people to authorized and legalized vendors.

Initially, only states in eastern Canada had dispensaries but now you can find government-owned stores in almost every state in the country. Ontario alone has over 150 stand-alone dispensaries where people can walk in with a prescription and buy medical marijuana. The minimum age for the patients to buy medical marijuana is 18 years.

Upcoming companies like Aurora are made up of people from business backgrounds and also those who have weed knowledge. These people have in-depth knowledge and passion for cannabis. The company owns a 5,000-square-metre facility in the village of Cremona where it grows marijuana. Aurora not only sells cannabis locally but also supplies medical marijuana to the German and Australian market.

As one of the first major industrialized nation to legalize the sale of medical and recreational marijuana, Canada is no doubt a leader in this industry. The biggest USP of Canada is that unlike Germany, it not only sells medical marijuana in dispensaries but also domestically produces them.

Weed Knowledge in Canada has recently shifted from traditional dispensaries to the online weed stores. There are many things that work in the favor of these online dispensaries. Unlike a brick and mortar establishment, online dispensaries can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from the comfort of home. Patients who find it difficult to move out of house due to a medical condition can order strains online. The patients or their caregivers can browse through the list of strains available, read their details and then order online.

The package is delivered discreetly so that no one knows what’s inside the parcel. This saves you from being seen, as you would when you visit a Cannabis store, and thus keep your medical condition private, unless you want to discuss it with someone.

Thus, in Canada weed knowledge is moving towards a future where both medical and recreational use of marijuana will be considered legal. This will offer more opportunities for entrepreneurs create more jobs and make way for a healthier future.

When Smoking with Bongs, There are Some Facts You Should Check and Bear in Mind for Good Health

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According to some researches made, it was discovered that using Bongs and pipes during the inhalation process also known as smoking is the best for every smoker. There are lots of benefits that follow it including that it gets rids of tiny bacteria attached to weeds or herbs. The discovered that water pipes helps a lot and is used mostly by beginners. Beginners that started with bongs never have hard times like some beginners who started with joint have. The water gives this cooling sensation that motivates the awesome experience of smoking. However, there are some fact you should look into before purchasing and using a pipe. These facts are mostly for health purposes and very essential to store in mind.

When smoking with bongs and pipes, here are some things you should carefully look into:

  • The size of the bong: Many bongs are very large in size, if smokers want to acquire the benefits of the liquid (water) filtration on every of the inhalation process with an easier, smaller and manageable tool, then he or she should consider purchasing a glass bubbler pipe.
  • Some every smoker should know that using a glass water pipe during smoking is much better than using aluminum or homemade plastic pipe. This is because glass bongs and pipes can aid in decreasing the exposure to extra chemicals that might be discovered in the aluminum and homemade plastic. Not to talk about how wary and suspicious a homemade pipe can appear if seen by a relation or family member!
  • Clients should ensure that they often clean their bongs and pipes after making use of it. It is called basic maintenance. It is for health purposes and hygiene as well. Smokers should make sure they avoid making use or reusing dirty bongs water. If a pipe user should forget to clean out his or her pipes and bongs after usage, it could actually cause a lack of filtering effect. So it advisable that you clean it always.
  • Bongs and Pipes users should deal with the stuff in moderation. While making use of a water pipe or a bong facilitates smokers smoke more carelessly with decreased carcinogens for each inhaling process, it doesn’t eliminate its harmful effects. Yes, regardless of what you are inhaling or smoking, – too much of everything is not good and it can also be unhealthy to the human body so smokers should try to be moderate and practice moderation. Water bongs and pipes wouldn’t take time before driving the smokes down into the lungs; you should also carry this in mind.
  • Most smokers don’t base on only herbs but also do a day or two. Will you base on smoking herb alone? You could head over to an online decent store and purchase both multi-functioning bongs and cheap dab rigs that consist of adapters letting smokers make use of one piece for both herbs and dabs.


Reading this will help you know some intelligent words to have in mind before using and purchasing water pipes and bongs. Try it will not only improve your health but also make your exposure awesome.

5 Things to check when looking for a Cannabis Payments Solution

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It is critical to have a secure and reliable cannabis payment solution in place since the cannabis industry is worth multi-billion dollars. As of 2017, in Canada alone, there were about 84 public companies that are in some way associated with the cannabis industry, trading on Canadian stock exchanges. They are collectively worth about $37 billion US dollars. As medical and recreational sale of cannabis legalizes in more states around the world, this figure is expected to grow.In this article, we will talk about the 5 things that you need to check when looking for a reliable cannabis payments solution.

  1. Understanding The Legal Aspects

When looking for a reliable third party to take care of your transactions and processing, make sure you chose a company that understands the legalities involved in the industry. The company should be familiar with the complicated jargons such as FinCEN, CSA, BSA, DOJ and the Cole Amendment. It should know the legal structure of the industry well and be fully capable of dealing with questions raised by the legal authorities.

  1. Available Options

There are usually two types of payment gateway providers – the eCommerce business models which comes under the medium risk category and high-risk processors that are prompt due to the specific services and products they offer. You may look for a company that offers various tools such as token systems, card storing, 3d secure, fraud protection and so on. These solutions add a layer of protection for the companies to save them from encountering a variety of problems.

  1. Hidden Fees

When looking for cannabis payment solution, look for a provider that does not have any hidden monthly fees that they did not disclosed earlier. Before signing a contract, make sure you read the fine prints and seek clarification on any point that is not clear to you. The providers usually charge a fee on each transaction so there should be no additional set-up or admin fee. You should pay no more than 6% of the total transaction.

  1. Transparency Dealings

Although cannabis has been legalized in Canada and various other parts of the world, there are still many federal and local regulations that a company needs to comply with. When looking for a payment processing company, make sure to ask the provider how they would manage large volumes of transactions passing through their system.

Most companies are equipped to manage transactions when the orders are slow, but once your business starts to grow there might be difficulties. A reliable company will be transparent about theirfees and logistics. Always look for companies that can offer to build long term relationships.

  1. Switching Providers

When you are starting out, we would recommend that you start small and look for a payment gateway provider that suits your specific budget and needs. A good provider will appreciate your business and accommodate when your business as it grows. If not, you may switch the company at a later stage when your business expands. To avoid unwanted hassles, make sure you partner with a company that offers 24/7 technical support so that you can provide round the clock help to your customers.